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Welcome to the Brand New HelloBetter Insights Blog!

With HelloBetter Insights we want to share our learnings and analysis with the broader mental healthcare community. Every week, we will survey the ecosystem, report on promising developments, but also highlight the tough challenges that the industry is facing. 

We will talk about the challenges of the existing mental healthcare system, the economic impact of mental healthcare, innovative solutions, effectiveness research, pathways to reimbursement, corporate mental health, the patient journey, the future role of AI in digital mental healthcare, Germany’s Digital Care Act, partnerships with insurance and pharma companies, leadership and team management issues, distribution channels, the therapeutics-as-a-service model and mobile-first mental health interventions. 

We are glad that you are here and we would like to invite you to share your perspective on our posts on HelloBetter’s LinkedIn channel, where we will be sharing each of our posts in order to engage the HelloBetter community.

We are looking forward to exploring with all of you how digital mental health solutions will redefine the future of care.

Hannes Klöpper, Founder & CEO of HelloBetter, and
Marius Mainz, Entrepreneur in Residence

About HelloBetter

HelloBetter is a global pioneer in the field of digital mental health. No other provider worldwide has conducted as many clinical studies on the effectiveness of its online mental health courses. With our unrivalled scientific expertise (30+ RCTs) and passion for supporting people with mental health problems, we have already helped tens of thousands of patients to lead better lives. Find out more about HelloBetter on our Company page.

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Our articles are written by psychologists and reviewed by psychotherapists.