Profilbild der approbierten Psychotherapeutin Annika

Annika Haffke

Child and adolescent psychotherapist

Annika embarked on her psychology studies with a desire to work in the clinical field one day, and specifically to support the mental health of children and adolescents. Following her studies, which took her to Hildesheim, Leipzig and Birmingham (USA), she began her training as a child and youth psychotherapist in Berlin. During this time she gained experience in the clinical field and worked for several years in a social psychiatric practice. Since successfully gaining her licence to practise as a child and adolescent psychotherapist specialising in behavioural therapy, Annika has been working in the Content and Research team at HelloBetter. Her main responsibilities include designing course content, writing articles for the HelloBetter blog and professional blog, giving talks and working closely with her colleagues from other departments such as social media, marketing and product development.

Annika's motivation:

“What motivates me is that we are giving so many people access to really well-founded knowledge about mental health issues. When you look online these days, it’s not so easy to tell which articles are properly researched and reviewed. With our blog, we provide a platform that people can wholeheartedly recommend to their friends, family and colleagues.”

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