Profilbild der approbierten Psychotherapeutin Alena

Dr. Alena Rentsch

Psychological psychotherapist

Alena studied psychology in Göttingen and Mannheim, specialising in clinical psychology. Her doctorate in neuroscience examined the neurobiological roots of mental illness and the possibilities of personalised psychotherapy. She received various research awards for her research and was part of the Translational Neuroscience graduate programme. Alongside her scientific work, she completed her further training as a psychological psychotherapist with a focus on behavioural therapy. Alena obtained her licence to practise as a psychological psychotherapist and a specialist qualification in psychotherapy for children, adolescents and groups. She has gained experience treating patients with a wide range of mental illnesses in inpatient, day-care and outpatient settings. In her clear and compassionate articles, she shares the latest findings from psychology and neuroscience coupled with practical strategies for dealing with mental health challenges. At HelloBetter, she is responsible for developing the online psychological therapy courses and leads the Content team, which consists of psychologists, doctors, psychotherapists and media producers.

Alena’s motivation:

“No health without mental health: What does our mind need when times get tough? How can we take better care of our mental health? These are among the many questions that inspire me as a psychotherapist, friend and colleague. In the HelloBetter blog, I want to share my knowledge and experience as a psychotherapist and researcher and inspire readers to understand themselves better and enhance their wellbeing.”

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