Fear & panic

Our uncomfortable companions fear, anxiety and panic can severely restrict our everyday lives. In these articles we explain how they arise. We also show you how you can take fear by the hand in order to ultimately overcome it.

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Title image: First aid for those affected b Ukrainian war
Fear & panic

Displacement, Trauma and First Aid for Those Affected by War

What can people affected by war and displacement do to strengthen their mental health? We offer support with a first aid brochure for those concerned.
Title image: Woman brooding over fear of the future

Haunted by Fear of the Future? How to Overcome It

Are you looking to the future with anxiety? Read on to find out how such fears develop and how to deal with them in a helpful way.
Strategien gegen Angst
Fear & panic

7 Strategies for Managing Fear and Anxiety

What is fear?  According to US psychologist Paul Ekman, fear is one of seven universal emotions – meaning it’s a significant component of human existence and is found in all cultures around the world. The other six universal emotions according to Ekman are anger, disgust, sadness, contempt, enjoyment and surprise. …
Einsam in Corona Krise

Lonely in Times of Corona? These 3 Tips Can Help!

The coronavirus crisis has made many people feel uncertain, uncomfortable and afraid. How do we normally cope with these feelings? We turn to people we love, ask for a big hug or try to distract ourselves with shopping trips, going to the cinema or meeting colleagues for a beer…
Fear & panic

What Gives us Strength in the Corona Crisis

The coronavirus has caught us all completely off guard. Politicians and health care professionals must suddenly take measures that have far-reaching consequences for our everyday lives. Quick action is required, we have to adapt and arrange ourselves, while our fears and worries are constantly running in the background. In order…
Angst und Corona: 6 hilfreiche Tipps
Fear & panic

Fear and Corona: 6 ways to deal with fear of the coronavirus

The coronavirus continues to spread. Political measures to control the situation and contain the disease are becoming more drastic every day. But controlling nature is like jumping up and down to overcome gravity: no matter how hard we try, it just doesn’t work. When it comes to the coronavirus,…
Coronavirus und Panik - sollten wir wirklich Angst haben?
Fear & panic

Panic and Coronavirus – Should we Really be Afraid?

The coronavirus is spreading. Every day there are new infected people in more countries and cities, dramatic headlines, reports and postings in the social media. If you hear someone coughing on public transport, a kind of spontaneous quarantine takes place, with all bystanders moving away, toilet paper and pasta…