Acute Depression

Acute Depression

Feel better again. The HelloBetter "Acute Depression" course will help you get back your zest for life. Over 6 weeks you will learn everything you need to know to successfully overcome symptoms of depression.

This course is suitable for you if...

  • you experience persistent low mood and feelings of sadness and emptiness
  • you suffer from physical symptoms such as insomnia, loss of appetite, headaches, and/or concentration problems
  • you are withdrawing from other people and feel a lack of interest
  • you find it difficult to cope with everyday life due to low energy

Key course information

  • The course has been proven to reduce depressive symptoms in 6 clinical studies.
  • Participants showed a significant decrease in depressive symptoms, felt less anxious, and became more active. 
  • Over about 6 weeks you will learn to improve your mood using effective strategies of cognitive behavioural therapy in line with the latest scientific research.
  • The course is packed with clear and engaging articles, videos, audio content, and interactive exercises including an online mood diary, behavioural activation tasks, quizzes, and stress management strategies. You’ll also learn techniques for problem solving, identifying sources of strength, and coping with stressful thoughts and feelings.
  • Includes a motivating, written feedback on your progress and exercises by a qualified psychologist.

Feel better with HelloBetter

This scientifically based, interactive online course reduces the symptoms of acute depression. It was developed by psychotherapists and scientists in collaboration with affected people, and has been proven effective in 6 clinical studies. Based on proven strategies from cognitive behavioural therapy in line with the latest research, it contains a total of 6 online course units of about 1 hour each. You can study at your own pace and access the course for an entire year, allowing you to deepen your knowledge over time. 

With articles, videos, audio content, and exercises, the course is fun as well as effective. Through scientifically proven methods, you’ll learn how to:

  • reduce symptoms of depression such as low mood and feelings of sadness and emptiness
  • carefully integrate more activity into your daily life
  • break negative thought cycles and deal effectively with difficult feelings
  • identify and harness sources of strength
  • formulate and achieve goals
  • apply problem solving techniques

Through interactive exercises, online diary pages, and practical everyday tasks, you’ll get back your zest for life in no time. Example course participants accompany you through each module so you know exactly what to do. A trained psychologist or psychotherapist will guide you through the course for three months: You will receive feedback on your exercises and progress after each lesson.

The HelloBetter “Acute Depression” course is made by real people for real people – for lasting wellbeing.

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