Corona online course – Calm through the crisis

Corona online course – Calm through the crisis

The HelloBetter “Calm through the Crisis” course will help you strengthen your mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic. Over 8 weeks you'll learn everything you need to know to practice self-care and cope better with tension, worry, and fear around the coronavirus.

Our initiative 'Calm through the crisis' has been selected by the World Economic Forum as one of the world’s most outstanding innovations in grappling with the pandemic’s aftermath. 

This course is suitable for you if...

  • you feel tense, worried, or anxious due to the coronavirus crisis
  • the current restrictions are making you feel lonely and disoriented
  • the sudden changes have created unexpected professional or private challenges for you
  • you are generally concerned about your mental health during the coronavirus crisis and want to do something for your long term wellbeing

Key course information

  • The course content is based on the world’s most scientifically proven online stress management course.
  • Over 8 weeks, you’ll learn not just how to maintain your mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic, but also how to strengthen it long term.
  • The course is packed with engaging content that will be useful beyond the coronavirus crisis: solving problems successfully, consciously shaping media consumption, maintaining social contact, relaxing body and mind, and dealing with difficult thoughts and feelings.

Calm through the corona-crisis with HelloBetter

The course content is based on the world’s most scientifically proven online course for preventing and coping with stress. In 6 randomized controlled studies, this course was proven effective in reducing stress long term, with half of all participants completely stress-free! The new changes in our lives and the associated tension, worry, and fear pose new challenges. We have therefore adapted our scientifically based course specifically to the current crisis. The skills you learn in this course will be valuable both in the short and long term, which is particularly important given the fast changing nature of the situation. You will learn proven strategies from the field of cognitive behavioral therapy via 8 online course units of about one hour each. You can study at your own pace whenever suits you, and access the course for a whole year after signing up.

With articles, videos, audio content, and exercises, the course is fun as well as effective. Through a variety of methods, you’ll learn how to:

  • identify the causes of tension and stress
  • identify what is challenging you personally during the coronavirus crisis 
  • effectively solve existing problems
  • cope better with unsolvable problems
  • identify and harness sources of strength
  • face difficult thoughts and feelings, and emerge from the crisis psychologically stronger

Through relaxation and visualisation exercises, quizzes, an online diary, practical exercises for everyday life, and much more, you can explore and change your personal experience of the coronavirus crisis. Example course participants who are affected mentally, physically or professionally by the crisis accompany you through each module, so you know exactly what to do.

The HelloBetter calm through the corona course is made by real people for real people – to promote mental health in this time of crisis.

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Corona online course – Calm through the crisis

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