Diabetes and Depression

Diabetes and Depression

Live well with diabetes! With our HelloBetter training "Diabetes and mood" you can improve your quality of life. Over 6 weeks you'll learn everything you need to know to prevent and overcome depressive feelings associated with diabetes. 95% of participants would recommend the training to a friend with diabetes.

This course is suitable for you if...

  • you suffer from diabetes (type 1 or type 2) and want to improve your quality of life
  • you are feeling down or sad, wish you had more interest in life, and want to improve your wellbeing
  • your thoughts revolve around your health situation and possible secondary diseases
  • you are experiencing a lack of interest and drive and want to reduce these symptoms

Key course information

  • The course has been clinically proven effective in 4 randomized controlled trials.
  • In 2014 it was awarded the Heinrich-Sauer-Prize for outstanding research in the field of diabetology.
  • Over 6 weeks you will learn to improve your mood using effective strategies from cognitive behavioural therapy in line with the latest scientific research.
  • The course is packed with clear and engaging articles, videos, audio content, and interactive exercises. You’ll learn important information about diabetes and depressive symptoms, as well as how to plan positive activities and use problem-solving techniques to interrupt negative thought processes.
  • Optional online support from a trained psychologist, who gives feedback on your progress after each lesson.

Improved quality of life with HelloBetter

Our scientifically evaluated, interactive online course helps to reduce and prevent depressive symptoms associated with diabetes. It was developed by psychotherapists and scientists in collaboration with affected people, and has been proven highly effective in improving mood by 4 clinical studies. Based on proven strategies from cognitive behavioural therapy according to the latest research, it contains a total of 6 online course units of about 1 hour each, which you can study at your own pace. You can access the course for an entire year and deepen your learning over time.

With articles, videos, audio content, and interactive exercises, the course is not just effective, but fun too! Through scientifically proven methods, you’ll learn to:

  • noticeably improve your mood within a short time
  • break negative thought patterns
  • integrate positive activities into your everyday life
  • formulate goals and achieve them
  • apply problem solving techniques
  • identify and harness sources of strength

You’ll regain your wellbeing and lastingly improve your quality of life through interactive exercises, online diary pages, practical everyday tasks, and much more. Example course participants accompany you through each module so you know exactly what to do.

 A psychologist will support you during the course with three months of online coaching. The HelloBetter “Diabetes and Mood” course is made by real people for real people – to help you live well with diabetes.

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