Paivina-Care for GPPPD, dyspareunia and vaginismus

Paivina-Care for GPPPD, dyspareunia and vaginismus

Goodbye frustration, hello lust! Our HelloBetter ‘Paivina-Care’ course will help you on your way to a pain-free sex life. Over the course of eight weeks you’ll learn everything about the so-called ‘genito pelvic pain/penetration disorder’ (GPPPD), often referred to as vaginismus, and how to overcome it.

This course is suitable for you if...

  • you want to find out about the differences between GPPPD, vaginismus and dyspareunia 
  • you experience pain during sex or when inserting other objects (e.g. a tampon) into your vagina 
  • you want to learn about relaxation, mindfulness and dealing with difficult thoughts and feelings

Key course information

  • scientifically based course with clinically proven effectiveness at treating GPPPD, dyspareunia and vaginismus
  • over 8 weeks you will learn all about GPPPD, dyspareunia and vaginismus, including new approaches for dealing with symptoms, with the help of clear written explainers, videos, audio content, and interactive exercises 
  • the varied and effective course includes an online diary and a dilator set (vaginal trainer) 
  • you will receive further support from a trained psychologist, through an initial telephone consultation and professional online coaching


Pain-free with Paivina-Care

HelloBetter’s ‘Paivina-Care’ training course is a scientifically evaluated, interactive online course aimed at reducing vaginal pain during sex or when inserting other objects (e.g. tampons). The course covers the sexual dysfunctions GPPPD, dyspareunia and vaginismus, often grouped under the umbrella term vaginismus. It was developed by psychologists, psychotherapists, scientists and patients, and is proven to be effective. The course methods are based on proven strategies from cognitive behavioral therapy according to the latest research. There are a total of 8 online training units of around one hour each, which you can fit flexibly into your everyday routine. You can access the course for an entire year after signing up.

Through a variety of different methods (articles, video, audio content, and exercises), you will learn:

  • all about the differences between GPPPD, dyspareunia and vaginismus 
  • how to gradually reduce vaginal pain during insertion
  • to consciously direct your attention with visualization and relaxation exercises  
  • to experience pain-free penetrative sex
  • how to cope better with unpleasant thoughts and feelings 
  • to live a self-determined life through the skilful formulation and implementation of goals 

Through a combination of interactive exercises, an online diary, vaginal training with dilators, and practical exercises with your partner, you can reduce vaginal pain. Exemplary course participants will accompany you through each module so you know exactly what to do.

A qualified psychologist will guide you through the entire course and offer extensive feedback on your exercises and progress after each session. HelloBetter’s ‘Paivina-Care’ is an interactive online course made by real people for real people – for a pain-free and pleasurable sex life.

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Effectiveness of our trainings

The effectiveness of our courses has been proven in various scientific studies:

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Paivina-Care for GPPPD, dyspareunia and vaginismus

Check whether your health insurance will cover the costs for the HelloBetter course.


Our Fit in Stress course bears the seal of the German Testing Center Prevention (ZPP) and is therefore reimbursed up to 100% by almost all statutory health insurance companies.


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"Paivina-Care for GPPPD, dyspareunia and vaginismus"

"Paivina-Care for GPPPD, dyspareunia and vaginismus"