Stress course Stress course

Stress course

Goodbye stress, hello relaxation! The HelloBetter ‘Stress Free’ course will help you on your way to a more relaxed life. In this 8 week course, you'll learn how to change your habits and overcome stress.

This course is suitable for you if...

  • you feel stressed, exhausted and overwhelmed in everyday life
  • you’re facing problems that you feel you can’t cope with
  • professional or private responsibilities are having a negative effect on your quality of life
  • you’re worried about burning out

Key course information

  • Backed by more scientific evidence than any other online stress management course worldwide
  • Within 8 weeks you’ll learn how to effectively overcome stress
  • Lots of great content – relaxation exercises, problem solving strategies, and techniques to cope better with difficult feelings
  • Optional online course support and feedback from our qualified psychologists



Stress free with HelloBetter

Our online stress management course is backed by more scientific evidence than any other worldwide. The course has been proven highly effective and long-lasting in reducing stress by 8 clinical studies, with every second person who completes it overcoming stress entirely. The course is based on proven strategies from cognitive behavioral therapy, and contains a total of 8 online training units of around one hour each, which you can fit flexibly into your everyday routine. You can access the course for an entire year after signing up. Full of articles, videos, audio content, and exercises, the course is not only demonstrably effective, but also fun

You’ll learn through diverse methods:

  • how stress arises in the first place
  • what your personal stress triggers are
  • how to solve your problems instead of carrying them around with you
  • how to cope with unsolvable problems
  • what gives you strength in life and how you can harness this power
  • how to deal with negative thoughts and feelings without getting stressed

Using relaxation exercises, quizzes, an online diary, practical strategies for everyday life, and much more, you’ll explore your stress and make changes in no time. Example course participants accompany you through each module so you know exactly what to do

Wenn du möchtest, kannst du auch von einem Online-Coach unterstützt werden, mit dem du zu Beginn ein telefonisches Erstgespräch führst und der dir dann drei Monate lang zur Seite steht. Wie intensiv dieser Kontakt sein soll – das entscheidest ganz allein du! Das HelloBetter Stressfrei-Training ist ein Online-Training von echten Menschen für echte Menschen – für ein Leben, das nicht länger von Stress bestimmt wird.

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