Vaginismus Plus

  • 12 Weeks
  • Acute care
  • Sprache: DeutschLanguage: so far only in German

This course is for you if you experience pain with vaginal penetration. Over the space of 12 weeks, you’ll gain lots of valuable knowledge and be guided through a variety of exercises to help you deal with the issue of vaginal pain and reduce sexual anxiety.

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Your online course for vaginismus and dyspareunia (GPPPD)

Your online course for vaginismus and dyspareunia (GPPPD)

  • 12 Weeks
  • Acute care
  • Sprache: DeutschLanguage: German only

Our HelloBetter Vaginismus Plus course is a scientifically evaluated online course for dealing with vaginal pain and difficulties with penetration. Among other things, you’ll find out what could be causing your pain, gain valuable insights into the female body, pleasure and arousal, and learn how to effectively perform vaginal training using dilators. All this content is specifically designed to address your discomfort – with the aim of making vaginal penetration possible by the end of the course.

What to expect

You will work through a total of 8 online course units, all based on proven cognitive-behavioural therapy strategies. The course units each take around an hour to complete and are easy to fit around your daily life. We recommend that you work through one unit each week. You will have full access to the course for one year.

Using our clear and effective methods, such as vaginal training with dilators and techniques to focus your attention, you can make vaginal penetration more comfortable through gradual practice. You will learn how fears and avoidance tend to perpetuate pain and how you can break this cycle. You will also get to know your body better, for example through pelvic floor exercises and self-discovery. If you have a partner, they will also be integrated into the course, for instance with the aim of introducing sex back into your relationship if pain during penetration is preventing this.

This course is suitable for you if...

  • you experience pain or difficulties with vaginal penetration (e.g. having sex, inserting a tampon or finger, being examined by a gynaecologist).
  • you want to find out more about the causes of this and what the diagnoses genito pelvic pain/penetration disorder (GPPPD), vaginismus and dyspareunia are all about.
  • you wish to explore your female body, your pleasure and your arousal.
  • You want to learn techniques for relaxation and dealing with difficult thoughts and feelings.

How our online course works

Our effective courses are carefully structured and combined with useful features to give you the best possible support.

  • Dashboard Get a comprehensive view of the major components of your course and track your progress.
  • Course overview A total of 8 online course units, each lasting around an hour, that you can easily fit around your daily life.
  • Example content With texts, videos, audio content and exercises, the course holds plenty of variety, as well as being effective.
  • Exercise of the week Between the course units, you can engage with the exercise of the week to help you get the maximum benefit from the course.
Personal support

Receive individual written feedback on completion of each unit.

Proven approach

Effective strategies to reduce your symptoms.

Part of your routine

Learn online, practise offline: effective exercises for your daily life.

Lower sexual anxiety with HelloBetter

Vaginal pain during penetration brings a variety of consequences that can impact your quality of life – perhaps you cannot bear the thought of having sex, being examined by a gynaecologist, or penetrating yourself when masturbating. With our course you can actively change this and find a helpful way to deal with distressing thoughts and feelings.

A clinical study has shown that the online course HelloBetter Vaginismus Plus (formerly Paivina Care) can make vaginal penetration possible more often and significantly reduce sexual anxiety.

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With the different methods you learn:

  • take a mindful approach to anxiety and pain during penetration
  • intentionally relax your pelvic floor muscles
  • identify thoughts that are helpful to you
  • discuss sexual matters openly with your partner, letting them know that they are also valued
  • get to know your body and discover what arouses you
  • stop avoiding difficult situations (e.g. gynaecological examinations)
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What our users say

Over 40,000 people have completed our online courses to date.

Sabine (47)
Sabine (47)
It's impressive what you can learn about such a platform. A successful mixture of text, audio and film material.
Laura (39)
Laura (39)
Simple help for self-help. Then when I need it.
Peter (59)
Peter (59)
This form of counselling is very well suited to recognize your situation and to find out ways how to cope with the situation. I wish you that you will put many more on the right path, it has definitely helped me, keep it up!

Proven to increase the possibility of sex and reduce sexual anxiety

The Vaginismus Plus online course was developed by experts from science, psychotherapy and psychology, incorporating input from people who suffer from vaginal pain. The effectiveness of the course has been examined and confirmed in a clinical trial.

  • 34% of participants were able to have sexual intercourse after completing the course.
  • Vaginal penetration without intercourse (e.g. inserting a finger or tampon) was shown to be more frequently successful among participants than among non-participants.
  • Sexual anxiety was significantly reduced among the participants.

Effectiveness of the online course

The effectiveness of our HelloBetter Vaginismus Plus course has been proven in this clinical study:

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Vaginismus Plus

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    "Your online course for vaginismus and dyspareunia (GPPPD)"

    "Your online course for vaginismus and dyspareunia (GPPPD)"

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"Your online course for vaginismus and dyspareunia (GPPPD)"

"Your online course for vaginismus and dyspareunia (GPPPD)"

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The costs are covered by reimbursement procedures. This means that you have to pay the course fees yourself first. After the course, you can submit a confirmation of participation to your health insurance company to get the costs reimbursed. The prerequisite is that you have completed 100% of the course.

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