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Lower sexual anxiety with HelloBetter

  • Course duration: 12 weeks
  • Free of charge on prescription
  • Online and in the app

This course is suitable for you if…

    • you experience difficulties with vaginal penetration during sex or in general (e.g. inserting a tampon or finger, being examined by a gynaecologist).
    • you suffer from pain and anxiety before and during vaginal penetration.
    • you want to find out more about the causes of your symptoms and conditions such as genito pelvic pain/penetration disorder, vaginismus and dyspareunia.
    • you wish to explore your body, your pleasure and your arousal.
    • you want to learn relaxation techniques and lastingly change the way you deal with difficult thoughts and feelings.

Proven to reduce pain during intercourse

The Vaginismus Plus online course was developed by experts from science, psychotherapy and psychology, incorporating input from people who suffer from vaginal pain.

The effectiveness of the online therapy course was assessed and confirmed in a clinical study:

  • It was shown that 31% of the study participants were able to have sex including vaginal penetration again after completing the course.
  • Furthermore, the study showed that pain during penetration, sexual anxiety and stressful thoughts were significantly reduced.
  • The participants also reported that vaginal penetration outside of sexual intercourse was noticeably easier.
  • 96% of the study participants would recommend the online course to a friend.

How our online course works

  • Course units

    A total of 9 online course units, each lasting around an hour, that you can easily fit around your daily life.

  • Diary and exercises

    Complete the exercises regularly, monitor your mood and receive personal feedback on your entries from your HelloBetter psychologist each week.

  • Psychological content

    With texts, videos and audio content, the course holds plenty of variety, as well as being effective.

With the different methods you learn:

    • to improve vaginal penetration step by step
    • to take a mindful approach to anxiety and pain during entry
    • to intentionally relax your pelvic floor muscles
    • to identify and use thoughts that are helpful to you
    • to discuss sexual topics with your partner in a spirit of openness and appreciation for each other
    • to get to know your body and discover what arouses you
    • to stop avoiding difficult situations (e.g. gynaecological examinations)

A peek inside the Vaginismus course units:

1. Understand your symptoms
1. Understand your symptoms

In the first unit we take a look at vaginal pain and related problems you may be experiencing. How do your symptoms show up and what do you want for the future?

2. Break the cycle of pain
2. Break the cycle of pain

What impact do thoughts and feelings have on your symptoms? How can you use this influence to break the cycle of pain?

3. Relax your muscles to ease insertion
3. Relax your muscles to ease insertion

Find out what role the pelvic floor plays in sexual discomfort and how you can practice inserting a finger.

4. Discover yourself
4. Discover yourself

Here’s a novel way to look at yourself in the mirror – discover your vulva and learn the sensate focus technique.

5. Begin your vaginal training
5. Begin your vaginal training

Venture into training with dilators. If you have a partner, you can do this part together.

6. Touch and recharge
6. Touch and recharge

How will you handle any difficulties? How are you progressing towards your goals? We show you how you can gather new strength.

7. Sleep together
7. Sleep together

Here we dive into the topic of sex. But you will also learn how you can experience more pleasure by yourself.

8. Plan my future
8. Plan my future

You have achieved a lot in the past few weeks. What has changed and what will happen after you complete the course? Let’s review and also look forward together.

9. Stay on course
9. Stay on course

In the final unit, we will recap what you have learned in the course and make a new plan for how you intend to keep up your practice.

What our users say

Over 50,000 people have completed our online courses to date.
Sara 24

In general, I have to say that this online course has already helped me extremely to find my way back to my own self-determined sexuality. Many thanks for that!

Sabine 47

It’s impressive what you can learn through such a platform. A successful mixture of text, audio and film material.

Gabi 59

I have been suffering from vaginismus for a long time and did not know that this possibility existed. (…) Even I, at my advanced age, am still making progress that I would not have thought possible.

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