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Title image: First aid for those affected b Ukrainian war
Fear & panic

Displacement, Trauma and First Aid for Those Affected by War

What can people affected by war and displacement do to strengthen their mental health? We offer support with a first aid brochure for those concerned.
Title image: Stressed woman wondering how to calm down

How Do I Calm Myself Down?

Being able to calm yourself down is a valuable skill. In this article, you will learn how to hone this skill of self-soothing and how it will benefit you.
Title image: Person experiencing a bad mood

How Do I Shake Off a Bad Mood?

Being in a bad mood can ruin your day and impact your wellbeing in the longer term. We show you two ways to ditch your bad mood and start feeling serene.
Title image: Woman's personal core value is family
Exercise included

Personal Core Values: What Is Important to You in Life?

People often talk about inner values, but what are they exactly? Find out what personal core values you hold deep down and how they can help you.
Image: Woman relieved about forgiving herself
Exercise included

Forgiving Yourself: 3 Tips to Overcome the Obstacles

Forgiving other people? No problem. It’s all part of getting along. But forgiving yourself can be so much harder. Read on to find out why it’s that way and how to overcome the obstacles.
Title image: A smiling woman knows how to cheer yourself up

How to Cheer Yourself Up

We all want to be in a better mood quickly. In this article, you will find 3 strategies that can help you achieve this. Which ones would you like to try?
Title image: Man trying to find inner peace by being in nature

Finding Inner Peace – How Does That Work?

To overcome our inner turmoil – it’s a wish that many of us share. Here we'll walk you through 3 steps that will help you get closer to this goal.
Title image: Woman with self-doubt

How Can We Overcome Self-Doubt?

What can we do, if we are constantly burdened by self-doubt? And where do these doubts come from? We describe the most likely causes and reveal tips on how to overcome self-doubt.
Einsam in Corona Krise

Lonely in Times of Corona? These 3 Tips Can Help!

The coronavirus crisis has made many people feel uncertain, uncomfortable and afraid. How do we normally cope with these feelings? We turn to people we love, ask for a big hug or try to distract ourselves with shopping trips, going to the cinema or meeting colleagues for a beer…
Krise als Chance

Corona Crisis: How We Can Use Our Time Well

Danger and opportunity The Chinese character for crisis is composed of two syllables, which individually mean “danger” and “opportunity”.  A crisis is something we should approach with caution – nobody can predict exactly how the pandemic will play out and what our lives will look like in a few months.
Fear & panic

What Gives us Strength in the Corona Crisis

The coronavirus has caught us all completely off guard. Politicians and health care professionals must suddenly take measures that have far-reaching consequences for our everyday lives. Quick action is required, we have to adapt and arrange ourselves, while our fears and worries are constantly running in the background. In order…
Corona Covid-19 Panikmache

Coronavirus: Media Hysteria or the Next Pandemic? The Role of Reporting

Reports of a new coronavirus under the name COVID-19 first appeared on the Internet on the 21st of April, 2020. Since then, news about the infection has been relentless. By the 4th of April, Google had 5,170,000,000 results under the keyword “coronavirus”. Corona: media hysteria, or the next pandemic?…