Personal support

A qualified psychologist accompanies you throughout the course.

Increased quality of life

Effective strategies to help you reduce the severity of panic and agoraphobia.

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Alleviate panic with HelloBetter

  • Duration: 12 weeks
  • Free of charge on prescription in Germany
  • Online and via app

This course is suitable for you if…

    • you suffer from (recurrent) panic attacks.
    • you feel that anxiety restricts and controls you in your everyday life.
    • you avoid anxiety-provoking situations, places or activities or only tolerate them amid feelings of anxiety.
    • you are stressed and often worry about disastrous outcomes.
    • you want to confront your anxiety and take away its hold over you.

Proven to reduce panic

The effectiveness of the online course has been scientifically proven: HelloBetter Panic has been shown to lastingly reduce the severity of panic and agoraphobia symptoms.

  • The severity of participants’ panic disorder and agoraphobia symptoms were a third lower on average immediately after completing the course.
  • After 6 months, symptom severity was 52% lower on average.
  • 91% of the study participants would recommend the online course to a friend.

How our online course works

  • Course units

    A total of 6 online course units, each lasting around an hour, that you can easily fit around your daily life over a 12-week period.

  • Diary

    Keep track of your mood, document anxiety and panic attacks and plan feel-good activities.

  • Psychological content

    With texts, videos, audio content and exercises, the course holds plenty of variety, as well as being effective.

  • Through a variety of methods, you will learn:

    • to recognise and understand anxiety and panic.
    • to face the anxiety so that it subsides.
    • to reduce avoidance behaviours so you feel free to go where you want.
    • to unmask anxious thoughts and encourage new thoughts.
    • to intentionally relax and create a balance.
    • to lastingly reduce the severity of panic and agoraphobia symptoms.

A peek inside the Panic course units:

1. Get a clear picture:
1. Get a clear picture:

In the first session we welcome you to the course. Together we will take a look at your own personal situation and explore what exactly anxiety is and how panic attacks arise.

2. Challenge anxiety:
2. Challenge anxiety:

You will learn why panic attacks recur and how you can face your anxiety. Challenge it and learn how to gradually get comfortable with it.

3. Take new paths:
3. Take new paths:

Face new sources of anxiety and continue to reprogram your inner alarm system.

4. Identify thoughts:
4. Identify thoughts:

What role do your thoughts play in generating anxious feelings? Learn to track down and better understand your anxiety-provoking thoughts.

5. Think differently:
5. Think differently:

Plan a new courage project, put your anxious thoughts to the test and discover more helpful thoughts.

6. Plan your future:
6. Plan your future:

You have achieved a tremendous amount in the past few weeks. In the last session, we want to ensure that you continue to benefit from the changes you have made, even long after the course is over.

What our users say

Over 50,000 people have completed our online courses to date.
Sabine 60

I can only recommend the HelloBetter panic course. After I had been increasingly retreating over a very long period of time and gradually suffered frequent panic attacks in various situations in life, I was able to break this cycle of fear in a very short time with this course. (…) The panic is now gone and I can move freely again. Really a great help!

Laura 22

I liked the course very much – balanced without feeling like you were being forced into anything. I also found the messages from the HelloBetter psychotherapist assigned to me very helpful and supportive.

Peter 59

This form of counselling is very well suited to recognize your situation and to find out ways how to cope with the situation. I wish you that you will put many more on the right path, it has definitely helped me, keep it up!

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