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Image: Woman relieved about forgiving herself
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Forgiving Yourself: 3 Tips to Overcome the Obstacles

Forgiving other people? No problem. It’s all part of getting along. But forgiving yourself can be so much harder. Read on to find out why it’s that way and how to overcome the obstacles.
Title image: A smiling woman knows how to cheer yourself up

How to Cheer Yourself Up

We all want to be in a better mood quickly. In this article, you will find 3 strategies that can help you achieve this. Which ones would you like to try?
Title image: Man experiencing stress at work

Stress at Work – When Your Job Drives You to Breaking Point

Workplace stress can have many causes. But how can you actively counteract these causes? We'll tell you in this article.
Title image: Feeling empty symbolised by spiral staircase

Feeling Empty – How to Fill the Void

Do you feel empty and dejected inside, even when you’re in good company? Here are some tips to help you tackle feelings of emptiness.
Title image: Man trying to find inner peace by being in nature

Finding Inner Peace – How Does That Work?

To overcome our inner turmoil – it’s a wish that many of us share. Here we'll walk you through 3 steps that will help you get closer to this goal.
Title image: Man on the floor having negative thoughts

Breaking the Cycle of Negative Thoughts

Negative thought patterns can weigh heavily on you and be fuelled by long-held beliefs. But these patterns can be broken – we’ll show you how.
Title image: Woman wondering in bed: Why can't I sleep?

Why Can’t I Sleep? – 10 Things That Could Be Keeping You Awake

Why is it so hard to get a good night’s sleep? We’ve put together 10 of the most common reasons why you may be having trouble sleeping.
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“I Can’t Take It Anymore” – What to Do When You Can’t Go On

Are you feeling overwhelmed and don’t know which way to turn? Well you’re not alone – read on to find out what can help you when you are at your wits’ end.
Title image: Woman with self-doubt

How Can We Overcome Self-Doubt?

What can we do, if we are constantly burdened by self-doubt? And where do these doubts come from? We describe the most likely causes and reveal tips on how to overcome self-doubt.
Burnout vorbeugen Titelbild

How to Prevent Burnout

Do you feel stressed and exhausted? Are you worried that you might be on the verge of burnout? Our practical tips can help you boost your energy levels on a daily basis.
Depression Selbsthilfe Titelbild
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5 Self-Help Tips for Depression

How can you work your way back towards a better quality of life? We’d like to support you with these 5 self-help tips. Find out what you can do to combat depression.
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Sleeping Better – How to Achieve a Healthy Sleep

Did you sleep well last night? Did you start your day feeling energetic? If you regularly answer no to these questions and would like to sleep better, you’re not alone. But what can you do?