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I Feel Stressed and I Don’t Know Why – What Can I Do?

What is stress? Stress is an elevated level of tension. Because the body and the mind are not independent of one another, physical stress has an impact on our psychological experience and vice versa. We can identify psychological tension in racing thoughts, feeling ill at ease and being irritable. But…
Strategien gegen Angst
Fear & panic

7 Strategies for Managing Fear and Anxiety

For many people, the coronavirus crisis and the changes it has brought are triggering both old and new feelings of fear and anxiety. Whether you have long been acquainted with the feeling of overwhelming, all-consuming fear or are being confronted with it for the first time, let’s take a…
Einsam in Corona Krise

Lonely in Times of Corona? These 3 Tips Can Help!

The coronavirus crisis has made many people feel uncertain, uncomfortable and afraid. How do we normally cope with these feelings? We turn to people we love, ask for a big hug or try to distract ourselves with shopping trips, going to the cinema or meeting colleagues for a beer…
Krise als Chance

Corona Crisis: How We Can Use Our Time Well

To be clear: anybody whose family has been affected by the coronavirus or has been ill themselves has bigger worries at the moment than how to use their time wisely. But most people are trying to figure out how to reorder their lives around the new precautionary measures. We…
Fear & panic

What Gives us Strength in the Corona Crisis

The coronavirus has caught us all completely off guard. Politicians and health care professionals must suddenly take measures that have far-reaching consequences for our everyday lives. Quick action is required, we have to adapt and arrange ourselves, while our fears and worries are constantly running in the background. In…
Angst und Corona: 6 hilfreiche Tipps
Fear & panic

Fear and Corona: 6 ways to deal with fear of the coronavirus

The coronavirus continues to spread. Political measures to control the situation and contain the disease are becoming more drastic every day. But controlling nature is like jumping up and down to overcome gravity: no matter how hard we try, it just doesn’t work. When it comes to the coronavirus,…
Mann in der Corona Krise

Corona Crisis: 10 Things We Can Do to Deal With Stress in the Time of Coronavirus

1. Take active care of your well-being  Due to restrictions in public life or even quarantine, many of the things we previously did for ourselves are suddenly no longer possible. We humans are creatures of habit. So take the time to create new good habits. What can you do every…
Coronavirus und Panik - sollten wir wirklich Angst haben?
Fear & panic

Panic and Coronavirus – Should we Really be Afraid?

The coronavirus is spreading. Every day there are new infected people in more countries and cities, dramatic headlines, reports and postings in the social media. If you hear someone coughing on public transport, a kind of spontaneous quarantine takes place, with all bystanders moving away, toilet paper and pasta…
Corona Covid-19 Panikmache

Coronavirus: Media Hysteria or the Next Pandemic? The Role of Reporting

Reports of a new coronavirus under the name COVID-19 first appeared on the Internet on the 21st of April, 2020. Since then, news about the infection has been relentless. By the 4th of April, Google had 5,170,000,000 results under the keyword “coronavirus”. Corona: media hysteria, or the next pandemic?…